Sir Isaac’s Apple

Legend has it that Isaac Newton observed an apple falling, and was inspired to describe his theory of gravity, going on to develop the fundamental laws of physics.

issacs Apple Logo_1024The Sir Isaac’s Apple system of applications is used to observe and record measurements from the sensors embedded in our smart devices. Real time sensor measurements can be observed on a graph and saved to a file. There are many interesting experiments in science and physics that become possible using the accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes, and other sensors embedded in everyday smart devices.



Applications to Observe Sensors

The observer application is available for iPad and Windows PC.  Both applications can show real time sensor readings and save the measurements to a file. The iPad application can also use its internal sensors.

saveSensors  Sir Isaac’s Apple for iPad

ObservingTest   Sir Isaac’s Apple for Windows PC

Remote Sensor Devices

The observer applications can connect to different devices and display the measurements from the sensors embedded in the remote device.

androidBoth the iPad and the PC observer applications can connect to an Android phone running the Isaac’s Apple for Android application.

BCM9WICED_SENSE-2The iPad observer application can conect to the WICED Sense device by Broadcom.